Humans- typical humans, they get bonuses to diplomacy and skill mastery. Humans have expanded and warred with every other race, so humans aren’t very well liked. Fortunately, the Empire is powerful and it’s insistence on commerce is the glue that holds the civilized humanoid races together.

Elves- typical elves, they get a stealth bonus and can use nearly any skill reflecting their great age and experience. Unlike most fantasy elves, these elves grow facial hair. They are divided into subraces based on geography and history. The Britons (High Elves)are the rulers of the British Isles. After centuries of Roman Occupation, they are the closest culturally to humans. Other elves despise them as weaklings, but they are the strongest, most unified elven kingdom. North of Hadrian’s Wall, the Picts (Wild elves) are the most xenophobic refusing ing contact with even other elves, who they believe have lost the ancient ways. They persist in using primitive Bronze Age tools and technology, but also have strong nature magic. The Barbarian Tribes (Wood Elves) are scattered in small tribes throughout Gaul and Germania. They retain many of the customs of their heritage, but have accepted some modern, human influenced ideas. Their greatest weakness is disunity; under a strong central leader, the Tribes could challenge Roman domination.

Dwarves- typical dwarves, they are exceptionally stable and hardy. Dwarves inhabit every mountain chain in the world, but most are concentrated in the Urals, Alps and Himalayas. Their underground lairs have never been conquered by Rome, but they need access to fertile lands to feed their people. Thus they have the best trade relations with Rome; exchanging mineral wealth for food.


Satyr- the satyr are from Germania. They form loose tribes and fight and raid into Gaul.

Leonin – these appear to be a hybrid of lions (or other felines) and humans. They are a traditional, deeply religious and warlike people. They are from the grasslands south of the Sahara, but have spread and colonized areas on the north coast of Africa.

Orcs- far to the north in the frozen lands across the sea are the orcs. Nothing is known of their culture other than raiding and warfare. Maybe there is nothing more to it. Their ferocity could conquer the world if they ever had the unity and leadership to work together. Luckily for the other races, they do not.


Giants- at the peaks of the mountains live the giant races. Although invasions have occurred in antiquity, the giants have not left their peaks in centuries. Only the dwarves have regular contact and that is usually violent. Occasionally, dwarves will sell giant prisoners as slaves, so they may be found is small numbers in the Empire.

“the hordes”- the dwarves tell stories about hordes of humanoid demons that live to the east of their mountains. Since they don’t let outsiders pass through their fortresses, there is no confirmation of these stories.


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