Current Table of Organization

The size and organization of the Legion has varied over time. It has been as large as 7000 and fewer than 100.
Following the events the Battle of the Dark Tower the Cohort is just under 3000 fighting men organized as follows:

Infantry: 2400 Infantry Commander: Primus
- First Cohort Centurion: Primus) – 480, veteran heavy infantry
- Second Cohort (Centurion: Belch) – 480 light infantry
- Third Cohort (Centurion: Dogbreath)- 480 light infantry
- Fourth Cohort (Centurion: Flick)- 480 light infantry/archers
- Fifth Cohort (Centurion: Grumbles)- 480, mounted light infantry

Cavalry- 120 Cavalry Commander: Holy
- 1st Squadron ( Decurion: Holy)- 30 Heavy
- 2nd Squadron (Decurion: Bricks)- 30 Heavy
- 3rd Squadron (Decurion: Hotseat)- 30 Light
- 4th Squadron (Decurion: Corn-Fed)- 30 Light

Logistics-350, roughly 50 assigned to each cohort and the cavalry. The remainder are assigned to headquarters.


Command Officers
Legate- always called “the Legate”, overall commander
Tactician- Bright is the tactical coordinator and second in command
Cavarly Commander- Holy
Primus Pilus-Primus

Arcanum-Teach is the senior magical advisor
Spymaster- Spook is the intelligence/counter-intellgence officer
Physician- Shaky is the chief medic
Quartermaster- Chuckles commands the baggage train and is paymaster
Master Scout: Slight is the chief scout
Legate’s Bodyguard- Lotus
Standard Bearer- Inches


The bulk of the men are divided into five cohorts. The First Cohort are all veterans armed and equipped as heavy infantry. Cohorts Second, and Third are light infantry. These men wear light armor and whatever weapons they can find. The Fourth is half light infantry and half archers. The Fifth Cohort is mounted light infantry.


The heavy cavalry all wear steel Roman armor and carry lances and are used to break enemy formations. The light cavalry wear leather armor and carrying bows and are for harassment and scout duties.


The scouts are not a separate unit. Slight has trained 30 men from each cohort to perform scout/patrol duties. They are assigned to scout duties on a rotating basis.


The Immunes, are their own unit. They have no organization

Current Table of Organization

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