An elven mage who wants to learn everything


Str: 10
Dex: 12
Con: 11
Int: 16
Wis: 14
Cha: 9

Tough: +1
Fort: +0
Ref: +1
Will: +4

Att: +1
Def: +1

Racial abilities: Fast Stealth, Jack of All Trades
Weapon Prof: Longsword
Armor Prof: None

Skills: Knowledge: all, Spellcraft, Forgery, Concentration, Ride, Search, Decipher Script, Sense Motive

Feats: Artificer, Eidetic Memory, Ultimate Skill: Knowledge, Second Chance: Stabilize checks, Second Chance: Resist Bluff, Well Informed, Cantrips

Magic: Rank 5 Can change spells between scenes. All spells without mind affecting or divination descriptor cost an additional 1pp/rank. Must gesture/speak unless a hero point is expended.

Sample Spell list
- Detect Magic: Magic Awareness: extended Ranged (-1/250’), acute, Analytical, tracking
- Holo-message: Communication: visual and auditory 1 mile’
- Scrying: ESP: Visual and auditory (1 mile)
- Illusory Invisibility: Visual and auditory, Save vs. Will
- Illusory Attack: Ranged stun: vs. Will DC: 15 (stunned, dazed, unconscious),
- Mental Missles: Damage 5 (DC: 20) vs Will, Perception, ,
- Illusions: Visual and Auditory, 25’ radius DC 15 vs. WIll
- Telepathy: DC: 15 vs. Will, 5 miles. (10pp)
- Mind control: DC: 15 vs. Will, 5 targets

Immortal: Teach has survived normally-mortal injuries
Familiar : Teach has an owl as a familiar. They share mental communication.
Staff of the Magi: While holding this staff, Teach only takes half effect from all magic (not magic creatures)
Gorgon’s Eye Amulet: Damage 8, ranged, Side Effect

Weapons/Equip: elven rapier, Staff of the Magi, Gorgon’s Eye, Scarab brooch, Wizard’s Robes,


Archetype: Wizard
Character Reference: Spock from Star Trek or the Architect from the Matrix
Color Identity: Blue- Teach hungers to dissect and understand everything- knowledge is power. His dedication to reason without emotion, thought without compassion is quite unnerving.

Appearance: male elf 5’6/105lbs. Teach is a beautiful slender elf, with long blonde hair, a Fu Manchu mustache and pale blue eyes. He wears impeccable formal elven robes, even in combat. He wears a long sword, but rarely uses it. Instead he relies on his staff, amulet and other mystical accoutrements.

Rank: Evocati/Tribune. Teach is the Tribune Arcanum or Master of Magic
History: Teach was born into elven nobility during the Roman Occupation of Brittania. He was sent to serve the Legions as a surety for his family’s compliance with the occupancy. He joined the 3rd Republican Legion, the predecessor to the current Red Legion, before the Unification Wars. When the wars ended and the Republic became the Empire, he stayed with the Legion. As the oldest member, he is the official historian and has maintained it’s history since the beginning. He served his 50 year sentence long before most of the current members were even born; but remains with the Legion.

Personality: Teach is thought divorced from emotion. He is efficient, careful, prepared and deliberate. He wants to study magic, people, history, politics, etc. He is aloof of his mostly human companions because of his great age and experience. He comes off condescending and superior only because he doesn’t have a normal emotional responses. Beneath his cold exterior, he has a deep concern for the Legion; although in his mind, that loyalty is a purely rational response.

Teach is true to his name, he is scholar and teacher, but he is miserly with useful. He often annoys listeners with far too much information about a given topic, but withholds useful information to observe how his brothers will react.

Relations with others: Teach is closest to Lotus and Half. Each of them value the mind- knowledge, planning and even deception when necessary. He is furthest from Gamble because he is pure impulse- lust and violence! However, both Gamble and Teach are equally amoral and dedicated, once they decide on a path. The ends always justify the means.

Magical Ability: His mystical expertise is mental manipulation. He can read minds, mentally communicate, cause overwhelming pain, and mental hallucinations. Given time, he can craft nearly any mind affecting spell. He can also use “generic” magical spells, although he is less adept outside of mind magic.


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