A dwarven sorcerer who sold his soul for power


Str: 12
Dex: 10
Con: 14
Int: 11
Wis: 9
Cha: 16

Tough: +2
Fort: +4*
Ref: +1
Will: +4
Att: +2
Def: +1

Racial abilities: Steadfast, +2 Fort Saves*
Weapon Prof: All simple
Armor Prof: Light

Feats: Power Attack, Favored Enemy: Demons, Favored Environment: Subterranean, Ritualist, Fearless, Attractive, Ultimate Effort: Intimidate, Second Chance: Demonic Rituals, Fascinate

Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Arcana, Knowledge: Demonology, Spellcraft, Concentration,

Magic: Rank 5- Spook can memorize 5 spells at a time. He can change between scenes without limitation. He can also change his available spell list as a free action, but doing so fatigues him each time he does it. This fatigue can be removed with a hero point as normal. Spook does not need to gesture or speak.

Sample Spells
- Doom Blade: Damage 5, Perception, Alt Save: DC: 20 vs. Ref
- Baleful Glare: Damage 5, Perception , Sight-dependent, Alt Save: DC: 20 vs. Will
- Gasp for Breath: Damage 3, Perception, Concentration, Alt Save: DC: 18 vs. Fort
- Acid Cloud: Damage 3, Ranged, Burst 30’, Sustained DC: 18 vs. Tough
- Poison Breath: Damage 5, Alt Save: DC: 20 vs. Fort
- NIghtmare Illusions: Fear 5, Targets: 25, DC: 15 vs. Will
- Shadow Tentacles: Snare 5 Concentration- DC:15 to maintain as move action)
- Dragon’s Shadow: Fearsome Presence 5 in 25’ radius DC: 15 vs Will
- Blood Link: Mind Probe 5 DC: 15 vs. Will with Sense link, must drink target’s blood
- Summon lesser demon: 60pp

Demonic Feats: Spook can invoke his tap into his demonic side for the following effects
- Darkvision: Can see in complete darkness
- Fangs: +1 melee damage while grappling
- Spectral Flames: Imp. Demoralize: Intimidate as a move action

Weapons/Equip: Spook doesn’t usually carry anything, preferring to rely on his magic. When ordered to, he will wear leather armor and carry a wicked-looking axe.


Archetype: Corrupted sorcerer
Character Reference: Tony Soprano from The Sopranos
Color Identity: Black/Red- Spook likes to dominate others! He loves bullying anyone he can. Although he understands subtlety, he prefers direct action. He wants to do what he likes and maim anyone who complains about it. Even among the Legion, he likes bullying the line troops because they usually can’t do much about it.

Appearance: male dwarf 5’2/250lbs. Spook is physically attractive with a chiseled muscular body and glistening ebony skin. He shaves his head and sports a very un-dwarf-like closely trimmed beard. His demeanor is cocky and arrogant, but also powerful and confident. He walks, talks and thinks like he runs the world. As annoying as that sounds, people are drawn to his primal magnetism. He wears simple dark sleeveless robes that accentuates his physique.

Rank: Centurion, Spook has no title or command, but is a Centurion
History: Spook hasn’t spoken much about his past. He is the eldest veteran of the Legion other than Teach, so nobody knows his complete tale. He grew up in the southern regions of the Dwarven Lands and studied magic in the Empire. At some point, he tried to bind a powerful demon to his will. Of course, he failed. Instead of killing him, the demon released him but only after partially merging their souls. Now Spook has great power, but less humanity (dwarvanity?).

Personality: Spook is the embodiment of passion overwhelming judgment. He has understands the value of planning and deliberation, but he doesn’t always use it. Not because he’s stupid; he is just ruled by his emotions, particularly the self-satisfying ones. Of course, his years with the Legion have taught him the value of subtlety and he can constrain himself when necessary (Concentration check?).

Relations to others: Spook is closest to Goat and Brazen, who both regularly do whatever makes them happy with little regard to others’ feelings. They are also all pretty dangerous and violent. He is furthest from Holy, who is the pinnacle of orderly cooperation and goodwill. Strangely, they are also the two most charismatic in the squad and everyone likes them both.

Magic ability: Spook’s magical ability reflects his personality. He is not subtle and prefers spells that frighten and weaken the victim, making them easier to subjugate. Also, his magic works best on living or once-living targets. He doesn’t have a lot to deal with inanimate objects.


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