Red Legionnaire

Typical infantry Red Legionnaire


Archetype: Soldier
Color Identity: Varies- The legion accepts all kinds, so there is no guessing what color best describes an individual Legionnaire. But almost all have an overriding sense of loyalty to their brothers and the Legion as a whole.

Str: 12
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Int: 9
Wis: 10
Cha: 10

Tough: + 1
Fort: + 1
Ref: + 0
Will: + 1

Att: +2
Def: +2

Racial abilities: varies, most are human and have +2 Diplomacy
Weapon Prof: All simple, martial melee
Armor Prof: Light, Shields


Equipment: Varies, but commonly Leather Cuirass/helm/greaves: +2 Protection, Med. Shield: +2 Def, Spear: Dam 3, Ranged (-1/10’), Sword: Dam 2 Imp. Crit: 19-20.


No one in the Legion uses their birth name. New guys are referred to as “newbie” or “hey you” until someone gives them a nickname that sticks. The names are rarely flattering as no one wants anyone to have a cooler nickname than they got.

For specific Legionnaires see the wiki.

Color Identity: You could assume that the Legion is overall White because it is a military organization, but it really a mix of all or none. Their principal approach is magic and deception mixed with military strength. They serve the Empire, but follow their own rules. They are independent free-willed mercenaries that travel the world fighting whoever to prove their strength. Further the Legionnaires have mixed and various philosophies. Each man is there for a different reason and has different methods and goals.

Getting in
The Legion accepts nearly anyone who is willing to take the oath and submit to authority. The Legion charter acts as a pardon for any crime committed against the Empire, so it’s a second chance for anyone fleeing the law- as long as you stay Legion. Once you join you renounce all citizenship, titles, family relations and property rights. The Legion gives you food, lodgings, a sergeant, a share of the earnings and a chance to die gloriously. That and the camraderie of arms is all you can expect.

Getting out
Enlistment with the Legion is for 10 years. Certificates of discharge authorize the ex-Legionnaire to travel freely throughout the Empire and carry arms. After 20 years a retiring Legionnaire is granted full citizenship and can apply for a pension from the local Legate. For non-humans these numbers are doubled, but the difference is minimal given their longer lifespans.

Very few humans live long enough to retire, but those that can no longer serve due to age, infirmity or injury are designated inactive reserves for the remainder of their enlistment. They must register with the local military command keep their gear in serviceable condition in case they are reactivated. Of course, the Legion moves around and the reserves just fade into anonymity. The regular Legions have never called up their local inactive reserves and only a catastrophic invasion would justify it.

Occassionally, some fool does try to desert. The Legion treats desertion quite seriously and hunts down the offenders, even at great cost. Although, the Legion could call upon Imperial Legions to assist, as a point of honor, they discipline their own. Besides, every Redcloak knows that Teach can find them and Spook can make the remainder of their lives painful. Powerful amoral spellcasters always encourage loyalty!

Red Legionnaire

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