A dwarven beserker seeking fame and fortune


Goat- male dwarf 5’4/230lbs
Archetype: Barbarian
Character Reference: Beowulf
Color Identity: Red- Rules were meant to be broken and nothing breaks things better than a dwarf with an axe. Goat is often drunk, mean, argumentative, insurbordinant, but intensely loyal to his friends. His saving grace is his dedication to his art- combat; so he has periods when he is the model soldier. He views warfare as an alternate to religion and in that regard he is a fanatic.

Appearance: Goat has long red hair and beard braided and adorned with golden rings. He wears heavy chainmail and carries an assortment of weapons and military equipment. He proudly wears his Red Legion cloak (Holy is the only other specialist who does).

Str: 16
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 10
Cha: 11

Tough: + 4
Fort: + 6*
Ref: + 2
Will: + 1

Att: +4
Def: +2

Racial abilities: Steadfast, +2 Fort Saves
Weapon Prof: All including improvised, exotic and unique weapons
Armor Prof: All

Feats: Endurance, Power Attack, All out attack, Split attack: Axe, Imp. Crit: Axe, Imp. Grapple (1-hand), Chokehold, Favored Environment: Mountains, Favored Enemy: Giants

Chaotic attack: Goat gets a +2 attack every time he switches to a different weapon/unarmed attack.

Skills: Athletics, Survival, Heal, Know: Subterrenean, Know: Geography, Handle Animal, Ride, Tactics, Know: Military, Craft: Weaponsmith, Gambling,

Immunity: half damage vs. falls, Sure footed,

Weapons/Equip: Chain mail (Prot 3), medium shield (Def 2), Battle axe (DC: 21), Lt. Crossbow, 2 throwing axes (DC: 17, -1/10’), elephant goad (DC: 21, Inaccurate Imp. Crit (18-20), short sword (DC: 17), climbing gear


Goat was born into a tribe of barbarian raiders from the Urals. He was the scourge of his more civilized neighbors (he calls them “targets”). As the Empire spread, the legions were eventually called to deal with Goat and his tribes.

Goat was defeated when the Roman engineers triggered a rockslide after driving his band into a ravine. He was knocked out, buried alive, but survived. When he dug himself out, there was nothing left of his village and tribe so he moved on. He took work as a bandit, caravan guard, mercenary, etc until he eventually joined the Legion.

His battle prowess and strength were rewarded in the Legion and he was quickly promoted. And then his insurbordination and general lack of discipline got him quickly demoted. Promoted again; demoted again. This yo-yo would have continued until Goat was asked to leave the Legion (even mercenaries have their limits), but someone suggested he work with Special Squad. Special Squad always needs warrior with more muscles than brains and their less rigid structure would be a better fit for him.

Relations to others: Goat is closest to Spook and Scratch, who are both willing to cut loose now and worry about consequences later. They are also all outsiders, since the Legion is mostly human and elven. He is furthest from Lotus, who always advises caution and deception instead of a straight up fight. However, they are the two most dedicated warriors and view the martial arts as an almost religious path.


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