Special Squad

The Immunes are those troops who have special skills and are thus excused, and thus literally immune, from normal duties such as standing watches or construction. In the Cohort, the Immunes initially consisted of the soldiers appointed to guard the spellcasters during battle. Later, other specialists were added to the squad

The Immunes have no formal structure. The Captain always appoints a veteran sergeant to oversee them, but their talents are so varied they often operate without direct leadership. This appointment is an enormous leadership challenge, but the Sergeant often has the ear of the Captain. New members are usually nominated by the Captain, but in such an unusual unit, a new member must have the approval of the current members.

The current Sergeant is Boot, a peg-legged old soldier. He was only recently appointed during the Leonin campaign. He is old-school and doesn’t take any crap from the Specialists. However, he lets them police themselves as long as no one steps too far out of line.

Teach has been with the Cohort since before it’s founding. He was actually Captain for about 10 minutes. His experience, power and the fact that he is a living repository of Legion history makes him invaluable… and therefore influential. No Captain has ever tried to run the Cohort without Teach’s advice

Wander has been with the Cohort for nearly 10 years. Her quiet reserve and wisdom makes her a natural mentor. Since she is also warmer and more likable than Teach, she has risen to be one of the Captain’s top advisors.

Holy- He’s only been with the Cohort for 6 years, but his prior experience as a tribune in the 5th Legion gives him 12 years as a soldier . The Captain has shown his faith in Holy by naming him Tribune Equites or cavalry commander.

Slight- Slight has been with the Cohort for 8 years and is highly respected because of his exceptional ability. He’s a normal soldier who has taken his art to it’s highest form. He is an absolute machine at what he does. On top of that he has good sense and a good heart. It’s hard not to follow him.

Lotus- Lotus has been with the Cohort for over 20 years is trusted and respected. The Captain trusts him, but he is so distant that he’s not well-liked by the line troops. His official title is singulare, bodyguard, to the Captain.

Goat has been with the Cohort for over 50 years. He has been a senior sergeant, and was considered for Immunes Sergeant but hates dealing with the politics and military discipline. He could easily move up in this informal ranking if he cared… but he doesn’t.

Spook has been with the Cohort for 27 years. He has proven time and time again that he will fight for the Legion, but he will always, always put his own interests first. He has been disciplined so many times, he is the only non-human who hasn’t earned citizenship by serving 20 years of exemplary service.

Halfman joined only 3 years ago. His skills are rarely applicable on the battlefield, but his work before contact often shapes the outcome more than swords.

Brazen has been in the Cohort since just after leaving N. Africa, but has only been invited to join the Immunes after Sandpoint.

Gamble was assigned to the Immunes because he is far to undisciplined to join the line troops. His hunting ability puts him on par with Slight and they have a friendly rivalry for scouting duties.

Special Squad

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