Pre-Generated Characters

The are fifteen pre-generated characters are available for useThe primary ten are described below. The others are alternates if you don’t like what you see below. See the Characters tab for character sheets.

Holy (White) – a human demon hunter hiding a dark secret
DO play Holy if:
1) You want to be the moral compass
2) You like to make strategic plans
3) You like melee combat
DO NOT play Holy if:
1) You are unwilling to be the good two shoes
2) You don’t like hard moral choices
3) You are unwilling to challenge the other PCs in the interest of “right”

Lotus (White/Blue)- an elven swordsman/philosopher driven to find perfection
DO play Lotus if:
1) You like to have a narrow focus of abilities
2) You like to find strategic solutions other than combat
3) You like to challenge the best opponent
DON’T play Lotus if:
1) You want to kill a lot of weak minions
2) You are highly aggressive
3) You want to be a leader

Teach (Blue) – an elven mind mage seeking to understand everything
DO play Teach if:
1) You like having inside information and keeping it secret
2) You like to solve problems
3) You like to hold back and do more with less
DO NOT play Teach if:
1) You like to be in the thick of things
2) You tend to be highly emotional
3) You like to “wing it”

Halfman (Blue/Black) half-sized performer, burglar and con man
DO play Half if:
1) You want to be funny
2) You like to break the rules
3) You like to keep secrets
DON’T play Half if:
1) You don’t like overcoming disadvantages and being the underdog
2) You don’t like playing “against” the other players
3) You like to be in the thick of combat

Brazen- (Black) a mystical assassin with a dark heart and darker powers
DO play Brazen if:
1) You like playing the “loner”
2) You like being morally ambiguous
3) You like stealthy characters
DON’T play Brazen if:
1) You don’t like killing
2) You don’t like subtlety
3) You want the group to like you

Spook (Black/Red) – a dwarven sorcerer who has sold his soul for power
DO play Spook if:
1) You like raw power at any cost
2) You like being the “bad guy”
3) You like a wide variety of abilities
DON’T play Spook if:
1) You’re quiet, shy or the “nice guy/gal”
2) You’re not willing to sacrifice a teammate
3) You can’t be a vicious cruel sonuvabitch!

Goat (Red) – a dwarven berserker seeking glory and war
DO play Goat if:
1) You like melee combat
2) You like taking crazy risks
3) You like being funny
DON’T play Goat if:
1) You like to patiently make perfect plans
2) You like certainty
3) You aren’t willing to accept the consequences of rash action

Gamble (Red/Green)- a rash satyr who loves to fight
DO play Gamble if:
1) You like taking out minions
2) You like combat and action
3) You are cavalier and devil-may-care
DO NOT play Gamble if:
1) You want to be a leader/planner
2) You aren’t direct and to the point
3) You don’t have a reckless side

Wander (Green)- a mysterious dryad following the legion for her own purposes
DO play Wander if:
1) You like being an advisor
2) You like having options in combat
3) You like to hang back in combat
DO NOT play Wander if:
1) You like to acquire treasure
2) You enjoy PVP
3) You like to singlehandedly win combats

Slight(Green/White)- a human woodsman/hunter with legendary woodcraft
DO play Slight if:
1) You enjoy stealthy characters
2) You like operating independently on behalf of the team
3) You have a military mindset
DON’T play Slight if:
1) You like to break rules or act contrary to the team
2) You like melee combat
3) You want to be funny

Color Identity
Each character has a color identity associated with one or more colors from Magic: The Gathering. This color identity drives the character’s philosophy/outlook. So a Red character may be impulsive, a Black character might be greedy and a Blue-Black character devious.
Furthermore, spellcasters are aligned with the color wheel; so blue spellcasters don’t normally cast direct damaging spells and black casters often need to make some sort of sacrifice. Like in MTG, this is not a hard-fast rule, but a firm set of guidelines.

Magic the gathering color pie

For a more detailed analysis of the color philosophies, I encourage you to read some articles on the subject written by Mark Rosewater, Magic’s Color Pie guru. This link connects to an article about Red. Within that article are links to similar articles about all of the colors and color pairs.

Pre-Generated Characters

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