Malleus Veritas


The Malleus, meaning “hammer” is the division of the Imperial church tasked with tracking and eliminating heretical magical threats. Necromancers, demon-summoners, false prophets and all others who challenge the supremacy of the Imperial Truth in the mystical arts all fall under their jurisdiction. They have unlimited authority to stamp out prohibited magical conduct.

Therefore, the Malleus is the most feared organisation of the Empire’s many branches. Its agents command fear and respect in equal measure. They are creatures of myth as much of flesh and blood, relentless beings who descend from on high to pass judgement upon the barbarian, the traitor and the heretic. It is a rare citizen who does not dread drawing a Malleus’ steely gaze, who does not experience the starkest terror in his or her presence. Every Imperial citizen, from the poorest of peasant to the highest and wealthiest of nobles, has heard the tales of death and destruction, of the all-seeing eye that condemns or absolves with impunity. Those who have crossed a Malleus’ path and survived to tell of it are seldom eager to invite his attention again. \

Malleus are as varied in appearance and manner as the myriad threats they face. They range in age from fiery young zealots to hoary old veterans who have fought in the darkness for centuries. Some wear ostentatious robes and symbols of their allegiance, whilst others shun the trappings of status. Malleus commonly carry a wide range of weapons and war gear, so as to be prepared for any threat they might face. Some Malleus even push the limits of their office employing outlandish equipment taken from defeated foes- exotic armor, barbarian weapons and demon-possessed relics.


The Malleus has history with several members of the Cohort. Fortunately, all Imperial Legions have always conducted their own discipline, subject only to their Legates. The respect for the Legions is so great, that few Malleus would interfere with that tradition without good cause. Further, the Legion charter grants unconditional pardon for any and all crimes committed before joining the Legion. Therefore, the Legate is the final authority on whether and how any of his men violate church law.

Holy- Holy is a former member of the Malleus. He walked away after an a traumatic incident that scarred his very soul. His current relationship is frosty, but not hostile.

Spook- Spook he admits that he he communicates with and summons demons. It seems the the Malleus, once used him as a resource, but the relationship soured and they are actively seeking him.

Wander- Wander calls upon strange old magics, but her ability violates Imperial doctrine, because they cannot be learned by others. Extremists would call her a heretic, but most ignore her

Leech- Leech is a blood mage, not a necromancer, but the difference may be lost on many. Because his sacrifices/targets can die from blood loss, it may be argued that he is using death to power his magic. He has been investigated in the past, and although cleared, he harbors a grudge.

Voices- Voices is a former high priest and her rejection of the orthodox faith is heresy. She is hated by the church hierarchy, but the Malleus isn’t particularly concerned.

Malleus Veritas

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