Legion personnel

Boot- is the current sergeant of the Specialists. He lost his leg and hobbles around on a stump, giving him his name. He is a tough, direct soldier. Although, not famed for his martial skill, he is a good soldier, leader and tactician.

Bright- the Tribune Tacticae used to be the cavalry commander. He’s known for being condescending and superior, but he is also a brilliant commander and warrior. He has the admiration and support of everyone in the Cohort.

Brody- Legionnaire who went crazy during a caravan raid in N. Africa and killed his sergeant and corporal. While he was being held for trial, Spook slit his throat and drank his blood. Miraculously he survived and seems to have no memory of his murder. Due to Spook’s interference, he was acquitted of the murders and returned to duty.

Cork- sergeant killed by Brody.

Goldie- Young legionnaire attacked by an angry crowd in Sandpoint, but rescued by the immunes.

Gopher- Legionnaire killed by Half (under a compulsion) at Sandpoint.

Inches- a very tall legionnaire who is currently serving as Standard Bearer.

The Lieutenant. – Pulsiver is the former Lieutenant of the Watch in Sandpoint until he joined the Legion. The other recruits from Sandpoint continued calling him Lieutentant

Rear Guard- Legionnaire nearly killed by Half (under a compulsion) at Sandpoint. Healed by Holy.

Roundhouse- Legionnaire killed by Brody.

Legion personnel

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