Imperial Legions

Imperial Legions are the most efficient, disciplined and feared combat forces in the world. The Empire maintains 20 Legions, although half are Auxiliary Legions.

Imperial Legions
Commanded by a Legate, each Imperial Legion is consists of 10 cohorts of heavy infantry. A standard cohort is normally composed of 6 centuries of 80 men each. Each century consisted of 10 8-man tent teams. Each tent team had 2 non-combatant servants. Thus a century is 80 soldiers and 20 non-combatants for a total of 100 men.

The first cohort centuries were double strength. It had 20 tent teams, totaling with 160 men. Therefore a legion is 5280 heavy infantry. In addition a legion usually has between 120 auxiliary cavalry and other specialist troops. The total strength of a Imperial Legion can easily reach nearly 6000 men.


However, an Imperial Legion is not normally assembled in its entirety. It is usually subdivided into smaller units, usually 2-3 cohorts, but still referred to as a single cohort (the highest ranking). The first Cohort usually serves as the headquarters element and remains with the Legate.

Auxiliary legions are usually employed in the border regions and are modeled after Imperial Legions. However, since they are composed of and commanded by non-Romans, they are never as large or as well equipped. They are “legions” in name only and rarely reach 3000 troops.

Legions also attract camp followers who provide services for the legion. Cooks, washerwomen, whores, gambling dens, taverns, bath houses all follow a legion. In fact, many legionnaires have families that follow along with the camps. While these followers tend to stay well behind the front lines, they sometimes get caught in battles.

Imperial Legions

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