A free spirit connecting mankind with nature


Str: 11
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 16
Cha: 10

Tough: + 2
Fort: + 4
Ref: + 1
Will: + 4

Att: +2
Def: +2

Racial abilities: Diplomacy +2, Skill Mastery (Survival, Heal, Handle Animal, Spellcraft)
Weapon Prof: All simple,
Armor Prof: Light

Skills: Athletics, Survival,Heal, Nature, History, Geography, Woodworking, Handle Animal, Ride, Spellcraft

Ritualist, Tracking, Animal Empathy, Environmental Adaption: forest, Ultimate effort: Handle Animal, Second Chance: Survival,

Supernatural Feats:
Trackless: Cannot be tracked
Concealment (olfactory): Cannot be detected by smell

Magic: Rank 4. Must gesture/speak to cast spells.
1) Animal Control: DC 14, sense link
2) Animal Link: Esp- Sight, Sound, smell Rank 4 (1 mile), Can only sense through animals.
3) Nature’s path: Permeate (full speed, only through earth, unworked stone or living plants),
4) Entangle: Afflict- Area(40’r) DC: 14 (Ref or Str) Hindered, Immobilized, Bound
5) Natural weaponry: Damage 4, split attack
6) Poison Touch: Nausea DC: 14 vs. Fort
7) Camouflage: Concealment (sight and sound) only in natural surroundings
8) Pheremones: Lust DC: 14 vs. Will, Olfactory dependent
9) Feral Roar: Fear DC: 14 vs. Will, Burst 40’ Auditory dependent
10) Summon Woodland Ally: Wander can summon up to 4 animals to fight on her behalf

Familiar: Bird of Paradise: While singing, it increases Wander’s Magic rank to 5.

Weapons/Equip: Leather armor(Prot 1), Short spear(melee DC: 17), Knife(melee DC: 16) Woodland cloak(+2 Stealth),


Archetype: Shaman/Druid
Character reference: Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean
Color Identity: Green- Wander is a deeply spiritual woman. She believes that everyone has a niche to fill, and should recognize their place in the grand system. However, she believes the natural order leads to survival of the fittest, and the higher you are on the food chain the better.

Appearance: female human 5’6/110lbs. Wander is a slim, but sturdy girl with brown hair and sun-browned skin. She wears simple leather clothes, with an armored tunic adorned with fetishes and trinkets. She carries a short spear and a hunting knife, but usually avoids melee combat. When using her mystical abilities, she transforms- her feet and legs become roots and her flesh sprouts leaves. Wander always talks in a hoarse whisper, not because she can’t talk loud, but because she wants people to pay close attention when she talks.

Rank: Trooper
History: No one knows Wander’s history before joining the Legion. The Legion passed by her on the road and she just followed them. That night she petitioned the Legate to join. Teach was immediately skeptical, but the Legate allowed her to join. Since then, she has proven her loyalty and usefulness to the Legate many times over.

No one really understands why Wander is with the Legion. She accepts pay, but usually distributes it among the Legionnaires who are short of cash. She never talks about the specifics of her past, nor her plans for the future. Wander is like the random hounds that follow armies… they stay for awhile, then wander off.

Personality: Wander is normally quiet, but she is a terror when angered. She spends a lot of time mingling with the line troops and bolstering morale. Although she is not “religious” she is often the moral compass and voice of virtue in the Legion.

Relations with others: Wander is closest to Slight and Gamble both of whom appreciate not only the natural environment, but the philosophy that the laws of nature apply to sentient beings and communities as well. She is furthest from Half who is selfish and lives in an artificial world of lies and illusions. However, they both feel like outsiders in "normal society.


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