A religious zealot who hears the murmurings of the gods


Str: 11
Dex: 9
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 16

Tough: + 2
Fort: + 2
Ref: -1
Will: + 3

Att: +1
Def: +3*

Racial abilities: Diplomacy: +2, Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Oration, Riding, Sense Motive)
Weapon Prof: simple
Armor Prof: none

Unarmed Strike: Dam 1, DC: 16
Staff Defense: +2 def vs. melee only*
Weapon Spec.: Staff +2 attack
Fascinate: Distract listeners with oratory
Second Chance: Will Saves
Ultimate Effort: Oration
Danger Sense: DC 20 Notice check to avoid surprise

Skills: Know: Religion, Perform: Oration, Diplomacy, Riding, Sense Motive

Prophetic Visions: Voices get random prophetic visions
Prayers: Rank 4
- +3 Toughness save 5 targets
- Fearless 25 targets
- Healing 4- +4 Heal check to remove 1 condition

Magic: Weather Control 4
- Lightning: Damage 4
- Flight: Flight 4, Distracting (flat-footed)
- Windstorm: Move Object 2, 5 targets
- Hailstones: Damage 4 40’ burst


Archetype: Addled Priest

Color identity: White- Voices was bred and trained to be be a priestess. Although she rejects the orthodoxy of the Imperial Church, she is a true believer. She

Appearance: human female, 5’7/140 lbs Voices is dark-skinned, lean, muscular, with a tattoo on her forehead. She rarely wears much clothing, but if required to cover herself, she wears white cotton robes. She mutters/argues with the gods under her breath like the Irishman in Braveheart

Rank: Trooper
Voices was bred to be a priestess in Egypt. She was captured and brought to the Imperial Church for reeducation. For years, she served as an Imperial oracle, but was expelled once she actually began hearing from the gods. She went into hiding and returned able to call upon great weather magic.

Voice traveled the eastern empire avoiding the Church enforcers. She learned some close combat skills, particularly using a staff.

Voices hears from and talks to voices in her head… she claims they are the voices of the Olympian gods.


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