A raging hothead overflowing with power


Str: 10
Dex: 9
Con: 16
Int: 11
Wis: 12
Cha: 14

Tough: + 3
Fort: + 3
Ref: -1
Will: + 3

Att: +0
Def: +2

Racial abilities:Diplomacy +2, Skill Mastery (Spellcraft, )
Weapon Prof: None
Armor Prof: light

Feats: All out attack, Blind fight, Prone FIghting, Imp. Grapple, Imp. Trip, Power attack, Diehard

Skills: Concentration, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge: Arcane, Sense Motive, Spellcraft,

Pyromancy: Rank 4/12pp. Must gesture/speak to cast spells. (Only heat/fire spells)
Wrath: Temper’s spells are powered by emotion/passion. -1 rank if he is not in combat
AP: Flame Sheathe: Damage 4, Aura, Secondary attack on next round
AP: Incineration: Drain Tough 4 vs. Fort, Affects objects linked to Damage 4 vs Tough, ranged
AP: Fireball: Damage 4, ranged, area (30’ radius),
AP: Cone of flame: Damage 4, Area (30’ cone) linked to Dazzle 4 vs. sight, area
AP: Ignite: Damage 2, Distracting, Perception, Targets: up to 5 targets he can perceive,
AP: Immolate: Damage 2, Ranged, Contagious, Sustained (free action to inflict damage each round),
AP: Wall of flame: Damage 1, Area (30’ line), Sustained, Independent(loses -1 rank/rd)

Limited Immunity: Half effect from heat/fire descriptors

Rage: +4 Str, +2 Fort, +2 Will, -2 Def, Duration: 5 rds and then he is fatigued.

Other: Near sighted range modifiers are in 5’ increments

Weapons/Equip: Leather Armor,


Style: Wizard
Character Reference: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, “the Kid” from Unforgiven
Color: Red- Temper has a permanent chip on his shoulder. He was bullied as a kid and gets mad easy. He punches first and thinks later. He’s not a very good fighter, but he can usually burn his way out of trouble. He’s not always out of control; instead he just doesn’t care about the consequences. If he gets an impulse, he acts on it. Of course, with his power, that can be quite interesting.

Appearance: Human male, 5’5/160, Temper is short, average build with his head shaved in a mohawk. Arcane tatoos cover his face. He wears red leather armor.

History: Temper was born an urchin in Byzantium. Small and weak, he spent his youth fighting for food, respect and his life. He lost a lot. But he had limitless courage and never gave up. He lasted long enough to join a gang and get arrested.

He was sentenced to slavery at a monastery. There, he had to fight again to prove himself. One day while being jumped by some bigger boys, his natural pyromancy blossomed and he defended himself. One of the monks saw this and decided to train him to control his powers.

Years of meditation and arcane tutelage taught him the basics, but Temper eventually tired of the cloistered life and left the monastery. In ashes. Since then he has traveled plying his skills for the highest bidder. Currently, that is the Legion.

Personality: Temper can be condescending and selfish, but he also gregarious and fun. He has a genuine zest for life and likes to enjoy the good life and share it with friends. He is also very prickly and gets angry when he doesn’t get his way. Although he gets riled easily, he isn’t murderous; he likes to fight, not to kill. Of course, he will kill when necessary

Magical Ability: Temper is only a moderate sorcerer. He can generate flame, but cannot create complex shapes or manipulate fire. Like most fire wielders, Temper’s powers are wanton and destructive. He uses big area attacks because he hasn’t mastered more subtle control.

Other: Temper is near-sighted. This is part of the reason he is so bad at combat. He makes up for this by utilizing magic that doesn’t target opponents or wrestling in melee combat


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