A hunter/woodsman with near mythical abilies


Str: 11
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

Tough: + 2
Fort: + 4
Ref: + 4
Will: + 1

Attack:+ 3
Def: +2 or +4*

Racial Abilities: + 2 Diplomacy, Skill Mastery (Survival, Stealth, Handle Animal, Notice)
Weapon Prof: All simple, swords, bows
Armor Prof: Light,

Feats: Track, Fast Track (full speed), Fast Stealth (Full Speed), Slip btwn cover (10’), Ultimate Effort (Stealth), Second Chance (being surprised), Ranged Combat: +2, Favored Environment: Forest, Dodge*: +2, Precise Shot, Favored Enemy: Animals, Favored Enemy: Humans,

Skills: Stealth, Survival,Investigate, Notice, Search, Knowledge: geography, Handle Animal, Heal

Weapons/Equipment: Leather armor: Protection 1, Longbow: DC: 18, Short Sword: DC: 17, 4 daggers, 20’ rope, woodland cloak(+2 stealth), Bolas (Snare DC: 13),


Archetype: Ranger/Archer
Character Reference: Mkoll from Guant’s Ghosts or Private Jackson (the sniper) from Saving Private Ryan
Color Identity: White/Green- Slight has a loner streak in him and he often feels constrained by the regulations of the Legion. However, he is selfless and loyal to the Legion ideals and believes that the Legion fights for a higher good.

Appearance: male human 6’2/170lbs. Slight is tall and lean. He has short cut brown hair and a constant 5 o’clock shadow. He rarely smiles and always seems serious. He wears simple leather and wool clothes in browns and greens or whatever fits his current terrain. He has a few elvish tattoos on his arms and torso.

Rank: Centurion
History: Slight was raised in northeastern Gaul, where his childhood love for running through the woods led him to becoming a hunter. Given his wild streak, he unsurprisingly charged with poaching on the local noble’s land and declared an outlaw. He fled his native land heading east into elven territory. There he learned advanced woodcraft among the tribes, but he never talks about this period of his life. He slowly drifted south as a hunter, guide, bandit and eventually bounty hunter. He joined up with the Red Legion along the Baltic and has been faithful soldier ever since.

Personality: Slight is quiet and somber. Like special military forces throughout history, he is a mix of discipline and wildness that flourishes among small groups of experts. He respects the imporntance of social and military hierarchy, but realizes excellence has its own rules. He tries to keep the rest of the specialists in some semblance of military order and the fact that he is one of the more dangerous combatants helps. Although he is personable, he carries a serious brooding streak.

Relations with others: Slight is closest to Wander and Holy. He shares Holy’s zeal for doing the right thing to help others, especially the Legion. But, like Wander he also understands that you can’t always play by the rules and violence is often the answer. He is furthest from Brazen who is self-seeking and has no honor. However, they are the two most prolific and remorseless killers among the Immunes and the two most likely to assassinate an unsuspecting enemy.


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