A former gladiator trying to prove he's the best


Str: 11
Dex: 14
Con: 10
Int: 9
Wis: 12
Cha: 16

Tough: + 2
Fort: + 2
Ref: + 4
Will: + 2

Attack:+ 3
Def: +3

Racial Abilities: Diplomacy +2, Skill Mastery (Stealth, Bluff, Acro, Sleight of hand)
Weapon Prof: All simple, swords
Armor Prof: light, medium

Dodge Focus
Defensive Roll
Fast Feint: Silk may use bluff as a move action to render his opponent flat-footed.
Sneak attack: +1 damage against flat-footed opponents
Weapon specialist: +2 attack bonus with trident
Paired Weapon: When using net and trident, Silk can attack two separate opponents as a full round action.
Counter-strike: Dam 2, Range: Melee, Action: Move Triggered: when struck in melee combat
Fast Block: Silk may block using only a move action

Skills: Sense motive, bluff, diplomacy, Sleight of hand

Weapons/Equipment: Gladiator armor: +2 Protection, Trident: DC:18, imp. Disarm, Net: Trip/Snare DC: 14. dagger,


Character Reference:
Archetype: Gladiator
Color Identity: Blue- Silk is a trickster. Instead of strength, he relies on guile and misdirection to win combats. He also believes in constant self-improvement and trains all the time. Having been born poor and worked his way to wealth, he believes that each individual should make their own way in the world

Appearance: male human, 5’11/190lbs. Silk is Greek with dark, curly hair and a short beard. He wears a variant of the retiarius armor, but with some improvements. He keeps the single armored sleeve, but adds a vambrace to his right forearm, a skirt of armored strips and greaves. Out of armor, he wears light, rich fabrics.

History:Silk has pulled himself by his bootstraps. He was born poor, the son of a arena’s animal keeper. He became a retiarius and grew quite skilled. The games master noticed his beauty and took him as a lover. He served many years with the games master, eventually becoming his bodyguard and confidant. When the games master died, Silk inherited a lot of wealth. Unfortunately, competing games masters were jealous of Silk’s success and plotted to remove him. They frame him for corruption and he had to flee… to the Cohort.


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