An elven philosopher-swordsman in pursuit of perfection


Str: 11
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 9
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

Tough: + 2 or + 5*
Fort: + 3
Ref: + 4
Will: + 3

Attack:+ 3
Def: +3 or +5*

Racial Abilities: Fast Stealth (full speed), Jack of All Trades (skill checks with untrained skills)
Weapon Prof: All simple, swords,
Armor Prof: All light,

Defensive Roll*: +3 to toughness as long as he retains dodge bonus
Dodge*: +2 to defense as long as he retains dodge bonus
Uncanny Dodge: Cannot be caught flat-footed unless the opponent is concealed against mental detection.
Move-by Action: Lotus can move before and after a melee attack up to his normal movement rate
Second Chance: Lotus may reroll any failed Reflex saves
Assessment: Can determine opponents attack and defense bonuses
Meditative Trance: Lotus can rest and maintain his awareness.
Magic Awareness: detects magical auras/energy (-1/10’, distracting (flat-footed)

Weapon Spec: +2 with elven longsword
Quick Draw: Lotus can draw his weapon as a free action
Favored Conditions: Single Combat- +1 to attack or defense in single combat
Imp. disarm: +4 with disarm checks
Weapon Bind: after a successful block, he can make a free disarm check
Ultimate Effort: By spending a hero point, Lotus can get a 20 on Disarm Checks

Skills: Philosophy, Spellcraft, Heal, Acrobatics, Athletics, Concentration, Sense motive,

Weapons/Equipment: Katana DC: 18, Imp. Critical


Archtype: Monk/Kensai
Character Reference: The Dread Pirate Robert from A Princess Bride
Color Identity: Blue/White- Lotus is a idealistic philosopher- always seeking improve himself and the world. His every move is carefully planned, coordinated, and weighed to achieve his goals. He believes he has time to achieve perfection, and given the elven lifespan, he might be right.

Appearance: male elf 5’5/110lbs, Lotus has long white hair and is beardless. He rarely smiles and has a deep melodious voice. He wears well-made loose fitting clothes in muted colors. He is never without his blade.

Rank: Evocati
History: Lotus was working with a rival mercenary band that clashed with the Legion and lost. While the rest of the band fled, Lotus stood his ground, surrounded by dead and wounded Red Cloaks. As the men closed in to kill him, he challenged all of them to single combat, one after the other. After losing 3 more good men, Goat stepped forward to challenge him. Fortunately, the Legate called for a parley.

Teach found a way through the impasse. He reminded Lotus that if he wasn’t paid, he didn’t have to fight. The Legion pitched camp and three days later Lotus came to the Legate and asked to join up.

54 years and 3 Legates later and Lotus is still with the Legate. He is the current Legate’s personal bodyguard. As such, he attends nearly all staff meetings and all meetings with outsiders, but he never participates unless asked, He is definitely among the Legate’s inner circle of advisors and confidantes. Once he completed his 50 year term, he chose to remain with the Legion and become Evocati. As he was already in the Immunes, he was never offered command of a century, or the formal rank,but he is treated as such.

Personality: Lotus is a High Elf from Brittania. He is of common lineage and left the Isles as a child. Despite his low birth, he is haughty and superior, especially when it comes to his elven heritage. He believes that elves are superior to other races in nearly every way. He has been known to lose his temper when reminded that the Romans conquered and ruled Britain for nearly 200 years. Otherwise, Lotus is calm, aloof and patient. He believes that both victory and defeat begin in the mind. He despises those who surrender to fear and despair before they even begin the battle.

Relations with others: Lotus is closest to Holy and Teach. Both of them appreciate the long view of things and the importance of planning before acting. Both understand the importance of the mind/will in combat. He is furthest from Goat, who never seems to think before he acts. However, they share a dedication to fighting skill and no one spends more time training and improving their war skills.


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