A dark sangromancer


Leech- 5’9"/150lbs
Archetype: Blood witch
Character Reference: Grima Wyrmtongue from Lord of the Rings
Color Identity: Black- Leech is a weasel, a snake and a rat. He lacks the self-confidence and vision to be a leader, so his real ambition is to be the power behind the throne. He avoids confrontations which are not heavily in his favor, biding his time. However, he is arrogant about his magical abilities and it is not wise to underestimate him.

Appearance: Leech wears dark black robes that conceal its many bloodstains. He is stick thin and frail- looking, but is remarkably robust. He never looks anyone in the eye and is easily cowed.

Str: 11
Dex: 9
Con: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

Tough: + 2
Fort: + 2
Ref: – 1
Will: + 2

Attack:+ 1
Def: +2

Racial Abilities: Diplomacy +2, Skill Mastery (Medicine, Diplomacy, Bluff,Intimidate)
Weapon Prof: None
Armor Prof: None

Ultimate Effort (Torture): Can spend a hero point to get a “20” to extract information from a victim.
Minions: 2 15pt minions (bats)

Magic: Sangromancy 4- requires bloodletting or target’s blood
- Mind control: DC:14 vs. Will after 1 minute. Standard Action to start, Concentration to maintain, move action to issue command. Mental link
- Mind Probe: Rank 4 power check vs. target’s Will standard action for surface thoughts, Full action for specific probe
- Healing- +4 healing check to remove worst damage condition
- Vampiric touch: DC: 14, allows immediate +4 healing check to remove an equal or lesser condition that he inflicts
- Blood tracking- Detect target’s blood range (-1/1000’)
- Hemophilia – Damage DC: 16 vs Tough Action: Standard Range: perception, Duration: concentration,
- Blood Linking – Mimic 4 any trait one at a time

Skills: Medicine, Mechanics, Concentration, Sense motive, Diplomacy

Weapons/Equipment: censer, short leather flail, Valusian rite knife, several surgical tools for cutting/drawing blood, vials for blood


Leech is a blood mage who worked for Kalash. He developed blood-tying enchantments that transferred injuries from Kalash to a surrogate, a specially chosen youth. Leech then used other magics to heal the surrogate. Eventually, the injuries would overwhelm the surrogate and Leech could not keep them alive. The near dead surrogate was then used to create the semi-mechanical guards used to guard the Dark Tower and a new youth was chosen.

The Immunes found Leech in the Dark Tower and he willingly explained the workings of the ritual, enabling them to find a way to stop Kalash and save Malachi, the most recent surrogate. The Cohort took Leech with them and assigned him to care for the Murmurers.

It’s unclear why Leech so willingly betrayed Kalash’ secrets. Was he cowed by the Immunes? Did he hate his former master and just took the opportunity to get free? Is he more cunning than any of them suspect? Since joining the Cohort he has been completely obedient.


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