A fallen priest wielding the power of the divine


Str: 14
Dex: 9
Con: 11
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 16

Tough: + 3
Fort: + 3
Ref: + 2
Will: + 4

Att: +3
Def: +3

Racial abilities: Diplomacy, Dedication

Skills: Religion,Military, Nobility, Appraise, Intimidate, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Concentration, Heal, Ride,

Fascinate: Can keep targets distracted by performing
Melee Focus: +2 attack or defense bonus in melee combat
Interpose: can switch places with adjacent ally and take the effect of an attack on that ally
Favored conditions: Mounted combat +1 attack or defense when mounted
Connected :

Divine Powers
Holy Weapon (Bastard sword): Damage 3, Mighty
Immunity: fear, disease,
Aura of Nobility: automatically makes a Diplomacy check to improve NPC reactions

Magic: Array Rank 4 (10)Must gesture, speak (Descriptor: Holy/divine)
- Healing: Heal check at +4 to remove a condition. full round, touch
- Spectral Swordsmen: Damage 3, Concentration, Line 20’, DC: 18 vs. tough
- Battle Cry: Boost 4 attack bonus,other’s only, ranged, 5 targets
- Banish: Dimension travel 800lb max. Will to escape cumulative +1 per round, only vs other dimensional beings
- Day of Judgment: Damage 4 Area (40’ burst) DC 19 vs. Will, only vs. unholy/undead
- Circle of protection: Create Object 4- transparent, 10’ only vs unholy/undead
- Glare of Authority: Fear 4 Sight Dependent DC: 14 vs. Will linked to 4 Trip DC: 14 vs. Will

Weapons/Equip: Plate Armor (Prot 3, Imp. 2), Large Shield (Def 3), shortsword (DC: 17), dagger, Holy symbol. When mounted, he uses a medium shield and heavy lance.


Archetype: Cleric/Paladin
Character Reference: William Wallace
Color Identity: White- Holy is all about his crusade against evil. The Legion is his personal flock and will do everything to protect them. His noble upbringing gives him a strong sense of social order and hierarchy

Appearance: male human 5’11/215lbs. Holy has classic Roman patrician features. He has dark eyes and close cropped legion-style hair. Out of armor he wears simple homespun robes, his holy symbol and a prayer book. His armor is highly polished Roman plate mail adorned with golden eagles on the breastplate. The Legion symbol is worked into the shoulders in red enamel and silver inlays. He wears a lightweight red cloak that whips in the wind as he rides.

Rank: Tribune. Holy is the Tribune Equis or cavalry commander
History: Holy is from a ancient patrician family that founded Rome. He learned to fight in armor, ride and swordsmanship from the best warriors in the Empire. He joined the 5th Legion and served with distinction in Syria. Then he Joined the Malleus Veritatis and learned to focus divine power and fight the horrors from beyond

He served the Malleus faithfully for years, but inexplicably left and then joined the Red Legion. He quickly gained rank and prestige. It’s not clear why he joined or why he stays, but he has remained loyal to the Legion, even when their methods seem to challenge his ethics.

Relationship to others: Holy is closest to Slight and Lotus. All are intensely loyal to the Legion, the Empire and society in general. All follow a code of honor and believe violence should be saved as a last resort. He is furthest from Spook, who is selfish, immoral and will do anything to accomplish his goals. Interestingly, Holy and Spook are allies against the Malleus, which has history with them both.


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