A human midget with a quick hands and quicker wit


Str: 9
Dex: 16
Con: 10
Int: 12
Wis: 11
Cha: 14

Tough: + 1 or + 2*
Fort: + 2
Ref: + 5
Will: + 1

Attack:+ 2
Def: +2 or +5*

Racial Abilities: Diplomacy +2, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth, Disable Device)
Weapon Prof: All simple, thrown
Armor Prof: Light

Fast climb: Half climbs at 15’ move or 30’ full action
Slow fall: Can fall any distance/stop a fall as long as he is able to grab something
Instant Up: Can stand as a free action
Environmental Adaption: no movement penalties in cities (crowds, alleys, etc)
Acrobatic movement: Swinging (20’) and Sure-footed.

Throwing Mastery: +2 damage with thrown/sling weapons, can use harmless items to inflict 2 damage
Precise shot: can throw/sling into melee combat w/o penalty
Stealthy(thrown/sling): Opponents must make a DC: 20 notice check to detect his thrown/sling attacks if concealed.

Defensive Roll: +1 toughness while active
Dodge: +3 Def while active
Defensive Attack: Can shift Attack Bonus to Defense Bonus
Favored conditions: +1 Attack or defense in close quarters
Sneak attack: +2 damage against flat-footed opponents

Acrobatic Bluff: Can use acrobatics to make Bluff checks
Distract: Can use Bluff to make opponent lose their standard action
Fast bluff: Can use bluff as a move action
Fascinate: Can use Perform to keep targets occupied/distracted when not in combat
Ultimate Effort (Search): Can spend a hero point to get a “20”
Ultimate Effort (perform): Can spend a hero point to get a “20”
Ultimate Effort (Disable device): Can spend a hero point to get a “20”
Second Chance (disable device): Can reroll a failed disable device check
Second Chance (Being observed): can reroll a failed stealth check

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Sense motive, Bluff, Diplomacy, Forgery, Disable Device, Codes, Linguistics: Latin, Gaulish, Arabic, Greek, Perform,

Flaw: Small Size, cannot use most weapons/equipment unless specially sized.

Weapons/Equipment: sling & bullets, many daggers, thieves tools, false documents, Scarab brooch


Character Reference: Tyrion from Game of Thrones
Archetype: Rogue/Bard

Color Identity: Blue/Black- Halfman is all about taking advantages to improve his situation. He uses deception, manipulation and when necessary violence to achieve his ends. His charisma is only a tool to help him slip his hand into your pocket.

Appearance: male human 4’3/90lbs. Half is short (obviously) with the lean athletic build of a gymnast and a youthful, beardless face. He’s funny, courteous and has a fine voice. He wears well-made brightly colored clothes (but not motley). All of the pieces are reversible with dark colors, so he can blend into shadows. He rarely has weapons visible, but numerous daggers and throwing knives are secreted on his person. Half has manacle scars on his wrists.

Rank: Trooper
History: Cursed with dwarfism at birth, he has had to use every dirty trick, subtle lie and unfair advantage to make it in the world. He has a natural ability with song, dance, music and performing and uses this to make friends and influence people. He has performed for, and stolen from, nobles all along the Mediterranean. He plays up his small size and comical demeanor to deceive his enemies, but will quickly turn the tables on them.
Half joined the Legion as they swung south through the lands east of the Mediterranean. He gave up a stable and lucrative career as an performer, and moved from telling tales to living them.

Personality: Half is a great guy. He’s easy to like and works well with others. But he’s sneaky and always has some kind of con running. He’s the youngest of the Immunes and in many ways is the “kid brother” to the group.

Relationship with Others: Halfman is most like to Brazen and Teach. Like Brazen, Halfman feels he can only trust himself and has to look for himself. Like Teach, he believes that deception and information is the best way to win. He can’t understand Wander because she’s anti-materialist and group oriented. However, they both are loners who are constantly trying to connect to a world which rejects them both.

Other: During the attack on the Dark Tower, Half found a scarab shaped brooch identical to the one Teach found in Sandpoint. He has discovered that the brooch is designed to inject the poison it contains into the wearer. True to his nature, he has kept this a secret.


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