A dwarven beserker devoted to war


Str: 16
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 10
Cha: 11

Tough: + 4
Fort: + 6*
Ref: + 3
Will: + 2

Att: +4
Def: +2

Racial abilities: Steadfast, +2 Fort Saves
Weapon Prof: All including improvised, exotic and unique weapons
Armor Prof: All

Power Attack: Shift attack bonus to damage
All out attack: Shift defense bonus to attack bonus
Split attack: Axe: can make attacks against 2 opponents
Imp. Crit x2: Axe: 18-20
Favored Environment: Mountains: +1 attack or defense in mountainous terrain
FIghting Climb: Retains defense bonus while climbing
Takedown; make second attack on adjacent opponent after defeating an opponent
Lionheart: +4 WIll saves vs. fear
Second Chance: Falling

Skills: Climb, Survival, Intimidate, Heal, Know: Underground, Navigation, Handle Animal, Ride, Prof: Military, Craft: Weapons, Gambling,

Magic: Goat doesn’t cast spells, but he can activate various magical abilities
Array: Lava Axe: Damage 4, ranged, Full round action
AP: Strength From Stone: Melee Damage: 6 (DC: 21 vs. Tough), must be touching the ground
AP: Rage of Ancients: Rage: +4 Str, +2 Fort, +2 Will, -2 Def.
AP: Fearsome Presence 5: 25’ radius DC 15 vs. Will or shaken/flee/flee and drop
AP: Earthshaker: Trip attack 5: 25’ radius DC 15 vs. Ref slowed/prone
AP: Snare 4, ranged

Immunity: Fire
Lowlight Sense

Weapons/Equip: Chain mail (Protection 3), Shield (Defense 2), Battle axe (DC: 20), Lt. Crossbow, 2 throwing axes (DC: 17, -1/10’), climbing gear


Character Reference: Beowulf
Archetype: Barbarian

Color Identity: Red- Goat is a pure warrior. He views warfare as an alternative to religion. During operations he is a model soldier, but in garrison he gets bored easily and stirs up trouble- drinking, fighting, and insubordination.

Appearance: male dwarf 5’4/280lbs Goat is bald with a long grey beard. He wears heavy chain mail and carries an assortment of weapons and military equipment. He proudly wears his Red Legion cloak (Holy is the only other specialist who does).

Rank: Centurion/Evocati
History: Goat was born into a tribe of barbarian raiders from the Urals. He was born under favorable omens and raised to be the tribal champion. The shaman placed various enchantments on him allowing him to wield some dwarven battle magic. With his might, his tribe became the scourge of the nearby Roman- allied villages. Soon, the legions were eventually called in to deal with his tribe.

Goat was defeated when the Roman engineers triggered a rockslide after driving his band into a ravine. He was knocked out, buried alive, but survived. He was captured and pressed into service with the Red Legion. Although he initially resisted, he loved battle and wasn’t particular about the enemy. He eventually adapted to Legion discipline and became a Centurion. By the time he completed his 50 year sentence, he had no other home than the Legion. He agreed to remain with the Legion as Evocati,a soldier who volunteers to re-enlist after his term of service is completed.

As Evocati, he had earned command of a century, perhaps even a cohort, but someone suggested he become an Immunes instead. Teach opposed this of course, which led to the ongoing dispute between them. Although he resists true study, his magical abilities have improved and increased over time. he has been a valuable, if unpredictable, member ever since.

Relations to others: Goat is closest to Spook and Gamble, who are both willing to cut loose now and worry about consequences later. They are also all outsiders, since the Legion is mostly human or elven. He is furthest from Lotus, who always advises caution and deception instead of a straight up fight. However, they are the two most dedicated warriors and view the martial arts as an almost religious path.


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