A satyr with a lust for life and action


Str: 11
Dex: 12
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 9
Cha: 14

Tough: +5
Fort: + 4
Ref: + 4
Will: + 1

Att: +3
Def: +4*

Racial abilities: +10’ speed (40’), Tracking
Weapon Prof: All simple, martial, short bow
Armor Prof: Light,

Uncanny Dodge (hearing/smell)
Scent (-1/10’)
Low light vision
Bloodthirsty: +2 melee damage after defeating an opponent
Gangfight: +2 attack and +2 defense if outnumbered in melee combat
Vengeful: +1 attack if injured
Natural weaponry (hooves/horns): +2 melee damage
Cannot get drunk

Power attack: Can shift attack bonus to damage
Fast Track: Can track at full speed
Elusive Target:
Dodge*: + 2 defense while active
Ultimate Effort: Tracking,
Second Chance: stalking

Skills: Diplomacy, Perform (sing/dance), Athletics, Intimidate, Survival, Nature, Notice, Stealth, Heal

Equipment: Short Bow: Damage 2 Range: 20’, bolas, healing herbs, wineskin, bullroarer


Character Reference: Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean
Archetype: Swashbuckler/Ranger
Color identity: Red/Green- Gamble is self-centered, fickle and carefree. He believes in big risk and big rewards. He takes everything as it comes and dives headlong into life. Everyday is a new adventure and he lives in the moment. He has no agenda other than making each day as exciting as it can be.

Appearance: male satyr, 5’5/180lbs. Gamble wears brown leather tunic and carries a bow, quiver and a pouch with various other stuff.

History: Gamble is from one of the many German tribes that border the Empire. During a raid into Italian Gaul, he was captured and enslaved. He served as servant in merchant’s home and eventually learned Latin culture and language.

After a few years, he escaped and returned to his homeland. He joined a mercenary corps of mostly minotaurs, eventually became the chief scout. Just before a battle with the 14th Legion, the mercenaries surrendered and were impressed into the Legion.

Gamble prefers the challenge of closing with his quarry and defeating them with melee weapons. But he was also a hunter and is skilled at stealth and ambushes.

Relations with others: Gamble is closest to Goat and Wander. Both of them understand that challenge, struggle and passion is part of life. He absolutely does not understand Teach who would prefer to talk than do; think than feel. However, both are highly competitive in their own way and respect each other’s excellence.


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