A heartless assassin seeking power


Str: 9
Dex: 12
Con: 10
Int: 16
Wis: 14
Cha: 11

Tough: + 0
Fort: + 2
Ref: + 2
Will: + 2
Attack:+ 2
Def: +3 or +5 vs. melee only

Racial Abilities: Diplomacy, Dedicated, LInguist
Weapon Prof: All simple, assassin weapons
Armor Prof: None

Skills: Religion, Concentration, Sense motive, Search, Forgery, Sleight of hand, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Gather info, Disguise, Intimidate, Craft: poison

Summon Shadow Twins Rank 4 (60 points)- Horde Feats: Progression: 2, Sacrifice, Mental Link
AP: Shadow Cloak: Partial Concealment –
AP: Shadow Garrote: Damage 3, Ranged, Concentration DC: 18
AP: Shadow Jaunt: Teleport 50’ Action: Standard

Imp. Concealment: Miss chance 15+,
Imp. Diversion: Use bluff to obtain concealment as a move action
Imp. Feint; use Bluff to render opponent flat-footed as a move action
Quick Change: Use Disguise as full round action
Slip between cover (5’): Can maintain concealment across a 5’ gap
Sneak attack: +2 damage against flat-footed opponents
Favored Enemy (Humans): +1 to bluff, intimidate, notice, Survival and damage
Weapon specialist: +2 attack bonus with daggers
Improved trip: +4 to trip attempts and opponents cannot reverse
Master Plan
Ultimate Effort (Stealth): Can spend a hero point to get a “20”
Ultimate Effort (Disguise): Can spend a hero point to get a “20”
Second Chance (poison): Can reroll a failed craft poison check
Second Chance (Being observed): can reroll a failed stealth check
Stealthy (sneak attacks): Opponents must make a DC: 20 notice check to detect her sneak attacks.

Weapons/Equipment: many daggers, assassin tools, garrote, blowgun, poison materials, shadow cloak,

Shadow Twins
The twins are physically identical to Brazen. She uses them as distractions and combat allies. They share her traits, saves and combat bonuses, but only the following powers, skills and feats.

Powers: Incorporeal 2, Subtle; Concealment (partial): Shadows
Skills: Disable Device, Escape Artist, Disguise, Intimidate,
Feats: Imp. Concealment: Miss Chance 15+, Sneak attack, Weap. Spec. +2 w/ daggers


Character Reference: Tony Montana from Scarface, Oren-Ishii from Kill Bill Vol. 1
Archetype: Assassin
Color Identity: Black- Brazen is ambitious and self-centered. She seeks power and she’s not afraid to tell you to your face. She’s also smart and realizes that she’s not ready to conquer the world… yet. She’s going to start by taking over the Legion.

Appearance: female human 5’7/120lbs. Brazen is beautiful. Her olive skin is smooth and blemish free. She has a firm athletic body, with youthful features and she drips coy sexuality,. She wears tight fitting leather clothes adorned with knives, poisons and other tools of her trade. She keeps her face covered with a hood and mask.

Rank: Brazen is just a trooper, but everyone respects her and treats her as an officer
History: Brazen is from Syria, where she was raised by a dark cult and trained from childhood as an assassin. The cultists also used her as a conduit to a shadow dimension to someday host a demon. Since leaving the cult, she uses that connection to manipulate shadow magic, making her an even more dangerous killer.

Brazen joined the Legion in Messina just after the Leonin Civil War. She immediately demanded an audience with the Legate. Just as the centurions were about to have her thrown out, Teach appeared and intervened. Without saying a word to her, he led her to the Legate. When Brazen saw the Legate, she was direct- she would agree to serve the Legate for 10 years. During that time she would learn all that she could of leadership and tactics and prove that she was the best candidate for Tactician. Then, when the Legate was no longer fit for duty, she would be his successor.

Her bold words surprised the Legate and her abilities qualified her for the Immunes so he agreed that she could join the Legion. He was just about to assign Spook to mentor her (and watch her), when Spook walked in saying that Teach had just summoned him.

Brazen was in Sandpoint during the riots, but did not play a significant role. After that, she and Spook fought alongside each other at the Dark Tower. She is waiting an opportunity to use her skills for their chief purpose.

Relations with others: Brazen is very private and keeps to herself, but he is closest to Spook and Halfman. She shares their selfishness and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is furthest from Slight, who is almost wholly selfless in his dedication to the Empire and the Legion. However, because of their skills, they are two most likely to be called upon to perform an assassination for the Legion.


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