The Blood Company

The Leonin Civil War

NOTE: Please read the Adventure Log, but start with “The Story So Far…” The Adventure Log lists the posts in reverse chronological order.

The day started off normal enough. Spare Boot, the new sergeant of the Immunes, woke them up bawling about repairing the palisade and earthworks. Slight did health/welfare checks and found out that Spook had some type of intestinal worms. It wasn’t fatal, but caused cramping. Wander and Slight put their heads together and came up with a cure that required Spook to wear a garland of flowers and made him smell like jasmine. He just loved that.

Fun and games quickly turned to work and while most everyone dug in the mud, Teach was sent to confer with the Captain. And Spare Boot sent Halfman to listen in. While pretending to hunt rats (they’re not just for breakfast anymore!), he discovered that the Leonin were coming to the Imperial headquarters to conduct “peace talks”; which would really just be “war talks”. The Cohort was expected to show up in inspection dress as part of the Roman forces.

After the morning duties were done, each of the specialists were able to worm some free time out of Spare Boot. Goat and Half went around collecting gambling debts, Slight disappeared and Wander went looking for herbs/plants necessary for her various poultices. Holy spent his afternoon in prayer and Spook spent his contemplating murder.

His stomach was still rumbly and he couldn’t stand the smell of jasmine anymore. If he could’ve found Wander or Slight, there might have been trouble. As he wandered the camp, he came upon the stockade- in this case a tent reserved for legionnaires on restriction. Right now there was only a single prisoner. Brody had tried to desert during the last action against the bandits. He had cut down his sergeant and another man before he was brought down. They should’ve just killed him… the Captain surely would.

Thinking, why waste a perfectly good bag of blood, Spook bullied his way past the guard on duty. Pulling his sacrificial knife and bowl, he began a ritual designed to heighten the victim’s terror. At first it worked, but just before Spook drew the blade against his throat, Brody spoke in a voice full of authority. “You better make sure you kill me…,” the threat hung in the air for a moment before Spook shrugged and struck. A few minutes later Spook left the tent, stomach full and content, smelling nothing like jasmine.

When the dignitaries finally arrived, the Cohort was placed too far back to see anything. Fortunately, after the opening ceremonies, the Captain met with a potential employer, a secretive figure covered completely in dark blue robes calling himself the Seeker. The Captain agreed that the Romans would likely just send the Legion to their deaths; but reluctantly refused his offer because of the pledge to the Imperials.

Spare Boot was able to pick up a subtle hint from the Captain that their pledge only lasted through unseating Khemba, the Regent, and that they would never have a better chance than tonight while he was at the camp. Boot made arrangements for the Seeker to meet the Legion at the port of Vertia in two days. He then ordered Immunes to eliminate the Regent during his return trip after the negotiations. Wander developed a plan to poison the pteradon mounts forcing them to land and then spring an ambush. Teach provided transportation and Slight, Spook, Lotus and Halfman would do the dirty deed.

The plan worked perfectly. Wander led the Regent and his skyhunter honor guard into a ravine and the killzone. Slight nearly took out the Regent in a single well-placed shot, but his ancestors must have intervened because he was able to fight on. While Spook took on a granite form and started making leonin paste, Halfman sprang from hiding and diced and sliced at a second guard, ultimately laming and blinding him. Wander was able to both call lightning to blast at the Regent and dodge the remaining skyhunter.


The tide began to turn when one skyhunter grabbed Lotus and carried him nearly a quarter-mile away before dropping him to the ground and then returning to smash into Slight. Meanwhile, the Regent seemed to regain his wind and activated his steelskin magic and challenged Spook to a mystically empowered brawl- granite strength against armored steel and claws. Finally, one of Wander’s lightning bolts was able to drop the Regent and Spook was able to rip out his heart. The sudden and horrific death of the Regent took the heart completely out of the leonin who surrendered or fled as best they could.

The team was able to make it back to the camp without incident and report a complete success.



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