The Blood Company

The Dark Tower I

NOTE: Please read the Adventure Log, but start with “The Story So Far…” The Adventure Log lists the posts in reverse chronological order.

The Immunes headed inland an hour after dawn, although the heavy dark clouds hanging low in the sky promised no sunshine. They took a wide arc around Kalash’s approaching army following a path laid out by the Cohort’s scouts.

Just as they were passing the bulk of the Kalash’s forces, the team encountered an enemy patrol. At Lotus’ command they arranged an ambush and took the patrol with no losses. They then planned to disguise themselves in the enemy uniforms and use them to sneak into the fortress. Half and Goat wouldn’t fit into the uniforms, but would pretend to be prisoners.

At an outcropping about a mile from the fortress, Wander sent a falcon to spy out the situation. Through the falcon’s eyes, he saw that there were no soldiers left at the fortress… only women, children, the elderly and the sick. Kalash had emptied his lands to bring his entire army against the rebel lordlings. As the falcon got close to the dark tower, a bolt of lightning shot from the clouds, frying the falcon and severely disorienting Wander because of the magical link. Teach explained that the tower was impenetrable to his scrying and he had no additional information.


Using their disguises, they approached the postern gate. When challenged, Wander decided to dispense with trickery and just take the castle. She used his earthwalking ability to go under the wall and unbar the gate. Her sudden arrival caused some surprise and the peasants inside began to flee. Goat bashed in the heavy gate and the other Specialists rushed in. A few axe strokes and flaming spells later and the few peasants were… dispatched.

The team quickly cleared the courtyard and gathered at the front of the tower. There Teach identified two massive gargoyles as bearing the Mark of Khorne, the Blood God. It gave him some insight into what was powering Kalash. Despite a sense of dread emanating from the tower, the team entered to find… an empty foyer. However the foyer was decorated with tapestries with dark sigils laced with evil power and the cumulative effect was terrifying enough to send Wander running from the hall.

Lotus, Goat and Teach (invisible) continued inside, while Reacher and Slight provided cover. The foyer opened into a great mead hall with long tables and benches. The room seemed empty, but from the furtherest shadows came a shuffling and then the stamp of booted feet. Six zombie warriors leapt at them and a desperate battle began. The zombies wore heavy metal armor and carried great blades and spears. It wasn’t until Reacher created a serpent of fire to hold back the undead, that they had enough light to realize that their mistake. It was not armor or weapons, but black metallic prosthetics grafted onto undead flesh. CYBORG-ZOMBIES!!!

Hearing the battle raging inside, Wander was able to overcome her terror and return to join her brethren. She arrived in time to sense the approach of several hellhounds from each stairwell. Teach was able to cast an illusion to keep two of the hounds at bay, while Reacher fried the others. Lotus and Goat were fighting a stalemate against the zombies, while Slight was able to score a few miraculous shots. However, Reacher finally delivered a decisive blow, by igniting the dark ichor spewing from their damaged parts. All of the zombies were consumed and clattered to the ground.



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