The Blood Company

Spook's Reckoning

NOTE: Please read the Adventure Log, but start with “The Story So Far…” The Adventure Log lists the posts in reverse chronological order.

Two days after the defeat of the Regent and Spook is sitting on a crate on the docks at Vertia watching the Legion embark. The Seeker was true to his word and had ships ready to take them north. Spook was glad, it was too damn hot down here.

He watched the men clambering aboard, each laden with stores and equipment, while he sat around and ate dates. Boot was a good sergeant and had convinced the Captain that Immunes deserved a break after their recent efforts. The other guys were off saying goodbyes to friends, visiting favorite whores or drinking away their pay. Spook preferred to sit back and watch the other men work; pleasantly enjoying the suffering of others.

Then he saw a ghost. Brody walked up an gangplank struggling under a sack full of oranges. Two days ago Spook had opened his throat and drank his blood to cure a bad case of stomach rot. Of course Brody deserved it; during a skirmish he went crazy and cut down his corporal and another squadmate before someone konked him on the head to put him down. He was already as good as dead before Spook walked in the tent, so no harm no foul. He had totally forgotten about the murder in the aftermath of ambushing the Regent and the quick departure north to Vertia.

But the dead don’t normally do manual labor, so Spook decided have a talk with this particularly helpful corpse. Just as Spook jumped down off the crate a hand fell heavily on his shoulder. “Let it go,” he heard. The deep resonant voice was full of command, but no malice. “I think you’ve done enough already.” Spook spun around to find himself face to chest with Holy. And flanking the tall armored knight were Bright, the Prefect, and the Primus Pilus, both looking grim.

Spook’s mouth opened, but no words came out. He knew lying was useless, so he decided to play it tough. He narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

“Oh, don’t worry,” continued Holy, “he didn’t rat you out. And neither did the guard you pushed past. Brody’s too old school to snitch and the guard too chickenshit to cross you.” Spook had to admit that both were true… but then why was Holy onto him?

“I know you wanted some payback for Cork and Roundhouse; we all did. But you screwed it all up. When the Captain summoned him for his court martial, they found him in a puddle of blood and his own shit. Brody wouldn’t say what happened. He said that during the battle he felt a dark overwhelming presence and after that he only had vague glimpses of what happened up until now.”

The Captain had me check him over, but all I could sense was your power. I told the Captain there was “something” there, but couldn’t say what. I couldn’t confirm or deny his story about being possessed, so it was just enough doubt to save Brody’s neck. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell the Captain about you; instead I told the Primus and here we are"

“We’re Legion,” started Bright. Like Holy he was full of himself and his airs always talking about honor and nobility. “That means we’re better than the rabble sellswords you see everywhere. We have rules; traditions handed down for generations. We don’t take the law into out own hands! Brody killed two of our brothers and all he’s still breathing clean air. All because you couldn’t hold in your rage!”

“I know you’ve got some… problems,” Holy soothed, stepping between Bright and Spook, “keeping your inner demons in check, but you’ve got to maintain your control or you’re a bigger hindrance than help. We need to count on you and know that you’re gonna do things the Legion way. But who am I telling, right? You were Legion when the our grandparents were still soiling themselves.”

The relief that he was not being charged with murder suddenly reminded Spook that he HAD in fact killed Brody. How did he survive? Holy must have taken his dazed reverie as a silent assent because he continued.

“And therefore you know the Legion way is justice. You assaulted a prisoner and interfered in a court martial investigation. The Primus will tell the Captain once we get underway. He’ll want to skin you alive, but after a few days at sea, maybe he’ll kill you first… you just better hope for for good weather. Until then, we’re staying away from Brody and the Captain until we land… after that you’re on your own.



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