The Blood Company

Temper's Reckoning

NOTE: Please read the Adventure Log, but start with “The Story So Far…” The Adventure Log lists the posts in reverse chronological order.

As the last zombie fell smoking to the floor, Reacher felt a broad smile spread across his face. There was nothing more satisfying than watching your enemies burn. Unfortunately, the smell leaves something to be desired, especially burning zombies.

Temper was shook from his reverie by someone jerking him around and shoving him against the long tables. Slight, the archer, had snuck up on him and now stood nose to nose with him.

“What the hell is your problem?” Slight shouted. “What possessed you to just burn down those peasants out there.”

“What does it matter,” Temper was confused, “they’re just peasants. And ENEMY peasants at that.”

“You didn’t have to kill them, they were running for cover,” Slight shook with anger, but breathed deeply to calm down.

“They could’ve been going for help, or weapons, or to send a signal to Kalash. I thought the idea was to take the fortress… and we took it.”

“Then we could have taken them down without killing them. That’s not how we do things in the Cohort. You have a lot to learn “New Guy”. From now on, you don’t do anything, until you’re given orders." That was exactly the wrong thing to say. Temper hated orders and he knew that he had to stand up for himself immediately or Slight would continue to try and boss him around.

“Look here, I saw a situation and I acted. My instincts said ‘kill’. You better back off before I start listening to my instincts again.”

Slight didn’t twitch. "Let me warn you. I may seem like a nice guy, to you, but you really don’t want to mess with me. But I’m not what you should be worried about… See the elf over there pretending not to listen? He nodded toward Lotus. “He’s a quick as they come and he’ll bury that sword in your chest before you raise your hand to start casting. Likewise, the dwarf wiping blood from his axe isn’t fast enough to close the distance, but I’ve seen him throw that axe with deadly accuracy. It’ll split your head like a melon. Wander can have the stone beneath your feet open up and swallow you. Lastly, notice who you don’t see? Do you really think Teach is gonna let you do anything to harm me.”

Temper’s eyes flicked from side to side and he tried to look tough, but inside he realized that Slight was right. They were all old friends and even if he took out Slight, there would be serious consequences. He was bold, but no fool.

“What makes the Cohort dangerous is that we look out for each other. We work together and as disorganized as we seem, we follow orders, express and implied,” Slight continued. “Right, now I suggest you all gather around and see what Lotus has to tell us.”

With that, Slight turned away from Temper and took up a post guarding the door and listened as Lotus gave his orders.



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