The Blood Company

Into the North

After departing Northern Gaul, the Cohort crossed the Narrow Sea and landed in Northern Brittania, just south of Hadrian’s Wall. The Seeker had been sent by the Crown Princess of the Britons to bring the Cohort back to fight a dark evil coming to pass. To prepare, the Cohort has distributed itself among the many wall forts, learning the terrain, climate, and most importantly, how to work with their new elven allies.


Hadrian’s Wall was built by the Romans during the conquest and was the furthest extent of their reach. North of the Wall live the Picts, the most primitive and savage of the elves. They resisted Roman conquest and refused to join the Britons when the Occupation ended. Instead they are a people until themselves. The Wall has been a semi-peaceful border for 200 years, but that is because the Britons stay to the south and the Picts to the north. There is some interchange- trade occurs at the Wall’s forts and delegations of Britons are allowed to travel to holy sites in Pict lands.

The Immunes have been gathered to conduct a recon mission. A member of the most recent religious delegation return. He looked like this.

Viridain emissary

The emissary is unable to provide any cogent response and no one knows what happened. The Specialists mission is to retrace the path of the delegation, find out what happened and rescue any who still survive. Of course, the Princess believes this is a taste of the evil to come and any information would be helpful.

We start with the selected team conducting their mission briefing.



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