The Blood Company

Interlude 2

NOTE: Please read the Adventure Log, but start with “The Story So Far…” The Adventure Log lists the posts in reverse chronological order.

The fleet pulled into a little cove in northwestern Gaul and the Cohort disembarked. The Primus Pilus began drilling them while the Captain, Bright, Teach and the Standard Bearer headed out using the Knight’s horses. They returned at nightfall leading a string of 20 additional horses.

The Captain called the centurions together had a conference while the men erected a camp and ate. Afterward Boot came to Immunes to give them the scoop.

“OK, we’re in upper Gaul. Roman reforms didn’t take so well up here, so the government is feudal. That means a bunch of petty lords who raise small armies and fight among themselves. The Imperials don’t care who’s in charge as long as the proper taxes and tribute is sent south.

Anyway, the current local overlord is Kalash. Three of his lordlings have convinced themselves they can rule better than him and have raised troops against him. They’ve got 300 all together and Kalash has 200, but his guys are meaner and better trained. Further, Kalash has some major mojo and can’t be killed. So of course, we’re going in on the lordlings’ side.

Kalash, Dark Lord

If it were up to me, we’d let Spook, Teach and New Guy (referring to Restus) just burn him to cinders, but Kalash has some kinda magical protection and Teach has figured that the source is back at his keep. The Captain also thinks that we need this to be a military victory so we can impress everyone and get some recruits. So, the lordlings are leading his forces out to the coast and the Cohort will join up with them. When Kalash sees us, he will think we’ve sprung our trap.

But that’s really the diversion. Most of you guys are gonna slip behind enemy lines, and find out what’s giving him the extra power and disconnect it. Why? Because Holy is gonna get chopped to bits unless you pull the plug. Holy and the Knights will lead the charge and personally attack Kalash. Once you cut off his power source, Holy can take this Kalash out. Once we do that, the Captain figures we can offer asylum to his troops and steal a bunch of well-trained and equipped soldiers before we start the business with the Seeker.

Here’s the hard part. If you cut his power too early, he may just not fight. So you’ve got to be in position, but not strike until Holy is already engaged. Teach is gonna have something set up to alert you when Holy gets close and then you do what you do. If it works, it looks like our best troops took out the biggest badass in the region. We make allies of the lordlings, steal Kalash’s troops and you finger-wagglers get to poke around with whatever Kalash is hiding in his castle.



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