The Blood Company

Interlude 1

NOTE: Please begin reading with “The Story So Far…”. The Adventure Log is posted in reverse chronological order.

Halfman clambered gracefully up the rigging of the Night’s Whisper and looked back upon the docks of Vertia. He had spent the last three years on Africa’s northern coast and he was going to miss it. The Cohort had seen some tough scrapes there, but he’d had some great fun in the towns. Ancient cities built by traders and merchants meant there was plenty of distractions- foreign foods, music, dances and stories. And women in all varieties of shapes, sizes and colors. It wasn’t home; never could be, but he would miss it.

He gazed longingly at the docks, his view clouded by the morning fog. Then slowly the mist parted; revealing a figure on the docks. Cloaked and hooded, Half could not make out any features, nor even recognize the build or clothing. The figure lifted its arms; one holding a slightly curved rod and the other what appeared to be a short scythe. The fog billowed, obscuring the figure… and when it parted again, he was gone.

Half shook as chill ran through him. He couldn’t explain the feeling of dread destiny that coursed through him. And since he couldn’t explain it, he paid it no mind. Whatever it was, he was leaving it behind…

The journey to Sandpoint

The Legion departed Africa in 5 half-empty crew transports and one cargo vessel. They had to leave most of their mounts and only brought the Knight’s heavy warhorses. They crossed the Mediteranean to Malaga in Hispania, where they took on supplies and retired a few soldiers. True to his word, the Primus waited until they were underway to tell the Captain about Spook’s assault on Brody. He had time to cool off after hearing the news and only ordered Spook restricted to the hold until the voyage was complete.

Unfortunately, the Captain was keeping their ultimate destination a closely guarded secret. The only clue was that Teach discarded all his light linen robes for thicker woolen breeches and jackets. The Immunes took the hint and did the same. After only a day in Malaga, they headed west through the Straits of Gibraltar and then turned north.

A few days later the small fleet began station keeping off Hispania’s northern coast, near Brigantium. The Captain had been in contact with a retired Legionnaire, Gracchus, who ran fighting pits in the small coastal town of Sandpoint. He was willing to host the Cohort and help with recruiting. Unfortunately, the town council, headed by Elder Wistan, refused to allow a large armed force into Sandpoint becuase the XII Legion had visited 6 years ago and ran roughshod over the city. A agreement was reached that only 20 men, unarmed and unarmored, would be allowed in the town at a time.

The Captain called in his staff, including Boot and explained that he had a funny feeling about this situation, but he needed to recruit new troops to meet the Seeker’s request. He would play nice… for the most part. The main body of the Cohort would clean up to Roman grooming standards- high and tights, polished leather and clean scarlet cloaks. Halfman would lead a team of Immunes into the city undercover. Their mission was to gather info and see if anything weird was going on. They would also be the Captain’s “ace in the hole” in case something went wrong.

In the Cohort, something always goes wrong…



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